Oriental Studies Departement

Head of Lecturer

Dr.San San Naing

Pāli language and literature are very useful and important among the students. Our department welcomes you to improve the knowledge and wisdom, Pāli language and literature skills.


The former heads of the department of Oriental Studies were Dr Sein Tun ,  U Myint Swe , Dr Than  Ni , Dr Hla Hla Myint , Dr Myint Myint  Oo , Dr Aye Min and Dr Thi Thi Khaing. Dr San San Naing is the current Lecturer and head of the department of Oriental Studies.


To produce the qualified students who are model person responsible.


To recognize and discuss Pāḷi language, knowledge and wisdom of various point of views and apply them in daily life.


No Name Title University Date
1 Dr.San San Naing Basic Dāna of the well of Meritorious Shwebo University Research Journal, Vol.8, No.1 2018, pp. 92-98

Programmes Offered

BA First Year

Core Courses Elective Courses for Other Specializations
OS 1101/1103 Pāli Language OS 1001/1005 Fundamentals of the Pāli Language
OS 1102/1104 Pāli Literature (Prose/ Poetry) OS 1002/1006 Fundamentals of the Sanskrit Language
OS 1003/1007 Buddhist Culture
OS 1004/1008 Buddhist Ethics / History of Buddhism

BA Second Year

Core Courses Elective Courses for Oriental Studies Specializations Elective Courses for Other Specializations
OS 2101/2104 Pāli Language OS 2104/2010 Buddhist Councils OS 2001/2006 Pāli Language
OS 2102/2105 Pāli Literature (Prose) OS 2002/2007 Buddhadassana / Nīti Literature
OS 2103/2106 Pāli Literature (Poetry) / Pāli Philology OS 2003/2008 Pāli Literature (Prose/ Poetry)
OS 2005/2010 Pāli Philology / Buddhist Councils

BA Third Year

Core Courses Elective Courses for Oriental Studies Specializations
OS 3101/3108 Pāli Literature (Poetry) OS 3105/3112 Pāli Conversation and Composition / History of Buddhism
OS 3102/3109 Pāli Literature (Prose) OS 3106/3113 History of Buddhism
OS 3103/3110 Sanskrit Language OS 3107/3114 Linguistics
OS 3104/3111 Prakrit

BA Fourth Year

Core Courses Elective Courses for Oriental Studies Specializations
OS 4101/4108 Pāli Literature (Canonical) OS 4105/4112 History of Pāli Literature and Myanmar / Buddhist Culture
OS 4102/4109 Pāli Literature (Non-canonical) OS 4106/4113 Buddhist Ethics / Buddhist Philosophy
OS 4103/4110 Sanskrit Language OS 4107/4114 Buddhist Art and Architecture
OS 4104/4111 Epigraphy

Faculty of Oriental Studies Departement


Dr San San Naing
Lecturer & Head
Language, Literature, Historical, Social & Ethical
09 422172774


Dr San San Yin
Language, Literature, Historical, Art and Architecture, Social and Ethical
09 400425634

Daw Aye Thant

Daw Aye Thant
Assistant Lecturer
Language & Literature
09 263556403

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ရွှေဘိုတက္ကသိုလ်၏ မူလအစဖြစ်သော ရွှေဘိုဒေသကောလိပ်ကို ၂၆-၅-၁၉၇၇ တွင် စတင် ဖွင့်လှစ် ခဲ့သည်။ ၁-၄-၁၉၈၀ တွင် ရွှေဘိုကောလိပ်ဟု အမည်ပြောင်းလဲခဲ့သည်။ ၇-၇-၁၉၉၉ တွင် ရွှေဘိုဒီဂရီကောလိပ်အဖြစ်လည်းကောင်း၊ ၁၃-၆-၂၀၁၁ တွင် ရွှေဘိုတက္ကသိုလ်အဖြစ် လည်းကောင်း အဆင့်တိုးမြှင့်ခဲ့သည်။

ရွှေဘိုမြို့၏အရှေ့ဘက် ၂မိုင် ၅ဖာလုံ အကွာ၊ရွှေဘို-မြစ်ကြီးနားလမ်း၏ အရှေ့ဘက်၊ ရွှေဘို-ကျောက်မြောင်းလမ်း၏ မြောက်ဘက်၊ လမ်းဆုံထောင့်တွင်တည်ရှိပြီး၂၁၀.၆၈ ဧက ကျယ်ဝန်းပါသည်။

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